Social Justice:

    I am still amazed (and thankful to God) for the tremendous response to Saturday (O26)’s response to International Anti-War day.

    Regretably the media is still underreporting the numbers and breadth of these actions (the NY Times is especially guilty) So, in the interests of truth and encouragement to any peace loving readers out there, I’ve searched online to find the most likely numbers for the various protest actions for International Anti-war Day. Here’s what I’ve compiled so far: (many of these numbers are estimates… when the police, protestors, and media gave disparate numbers, I either gave a range or went with what was an average number)

      over 100,000 in Washington, D.C.

      60,000-80,000 in San Francisco

      15,000 in Glasgow, Scotland (on Oct 20th)

      10,000 marched in Minneapolis-St. Paul

      8,000-30,000 in Berlin

      5,000 in Amsterdam, Netherlands

      5,000 in Zaragosa, Spain

      4,000 in Chicago

      4,000 in Seattle, WA

      “Several thousand” in Rotterdam, Netherlands

      “Several Thousand” in Denver, CO

      2,500 in Taos, N.M. in front of Donald Rumseld’s private residence

      2,500 in August, Maine

      2,000 in Frankfurt

      1500 in Copenhagen, Denmark

      1,500 in Kingston, NY

      1,500 in Tucson, AZ

      1,000 in Stockholm, Sweden

      1,000 in Austin, TX

      1,000 in Montpelier, VT

      1,000 in Luxemboug (on Oct. 19th)

      800 in Madison, WI

      650 in Nashville, TN (the largest anti-war protest in that city since the Vietnam War)

      600 in Ann Arbor, MI

      500 in Hamburg, Germany

      500 in San Antonio

      300 in Tokyo

      300 in Salt Lake City, UT

      250 in Durham, NC

      200 in St. Louis, MO

      200 in Oklahoma City (Woohoo!!!)

      200 in Portland, Maine (14 arrested, with several of those beaten by the police more info on this incident can be found at

      200 in Goshen, IN

      “Several Hundred” in Anchorage, Alaska

      “Several hundred” in Portland, OR (There was also a sit-in/shutdown of military recruiting station in Portland in conjunction with the march)

      Several hundred in Edmonton, Canada (this is my best guess based on the pictures posted online)

      “Hundreds” in Stuttgart, and Bremen

      180 in Wellington, N.Z.

      150 in Rockford, IL

      100 (13 were arrested) in Des Moines, IA

      100 in Traverse City / Petoskey, MI

      100 in Houston, TX

      80 in Concord, NH

      80 in Columbia, SC

      50-75 in Sioux Falls, SD

      65 in Terre Haute, IN

      Last but not least there was a protest by Voices in the Wilderness protestors from America who are illegally in Baghdad (

      Protests reported that I can’t find crowd estimates for:

      Barcelona, London, Rome, Belgium, Paris, India, South Korea, Mexico City, Puerto Rico, Grand Rapids & East Lancing, MI, Indianapolis, IN, Palatine, IL, Colorado Springs — Ashland, Astoria, Corvallis, Eugene, Hood River, Pendleton, McMinnville, Newport and Salem all in Oregon, Danbury, CT; Bicyclist protest in Santa Fe, NM, Calgary, Canada; Napier and Auckland, New Zealand

      (There are also major anti-war protest scheduled across the UK scheduled for October 30-31.)

    We might well be the minority, but our number is growing. Don’t lose heart. Keep speaking out for peace!