Law School Update:

    L-school is flying fast. LR&W has a writing exam and a bluebook exam (bleh…) left but otherwise the main event is now the fast approaching final exams.

    I know I need to be getting into doing my outlines but it is so hard to focus. My mind seems to be always going a million miles an hour about everything but the law. Maybe my experience is different than that of other folks, but my main struggle is distraction. I enjoy my studies but I get sick of just thinking about law all of the time.

    Gradewise, it is hard to know how I’ll do. I feel reasonably confident in my substantial law classes (assuming I get over my distraction-malaise quickly and get the outlines done) but LR&W is another thing all together. I guess a B still might be possible but I’m thinking it is looking more and more like a C. All of the busy work is just wearing me down. (I think the LR&W is disliked by many other L-students out there too.)

    The social scene at OCU Law has been hopping lately (I guess the pre-finals hurah) with “bar meetings” every other week (gatherings at local bars) and the big Halloween shindig (the aftereffects kept many people from making it to class on Friday). I don’t mean to be anti-social but I just don’t have the time to make it to most of these kinds of things. The drive is just too far to my house (I got a 25-55 minute commute depending on traffic, unlike most of the Day section who live within a few miles of OCU) to stay out that late.

    One thing I did get to go to was Texas Legal Society’s BBQ on the patio/plaza. They provided smoked sausages and genuine HEB Texas-shaped corn tortilla chips!

    The other bit of excitement is the OCU Law school mass email controversy. It is rather silly but a group of disgrunted L-students is flooding the mass-email system (used for student organization announcements, class schedule changes, etc) with junk mail to protest the fact that they are not allowed to unsubscribe from the list.— Yeah that makes a lot of sense… protesting excessive mass emailng but sending mass email.