Politics and Policy:

    I am trying to not worry but I am on pins and needles today about the elections. The agonizing wait from 7 a.m. until sometime after 7 p.m. in waiting for election results is enough to drive me bonkers.

    Part of it is the cockfighting election… I have to admit that as much as I would never want to go to a cockfight, the idea that the practice would be outlawed seems kinda sad too. So many times in my childhood I would go out in the backyard to see the roosters next door (my old neighbor raised them before he died, and now his son is carrying on the family tradition). I know the practice seems sad and barbaric, but I feel like a part of our rural culture will die if it is outlawed. I guess maybe I am being overly melodramatic but I am upset about the whole prospect. So far the polls show support for the ban, but it will be a matter of turnout. Most rural folks and outdoorsmen are against the ban, so I guess it will depend on if they show up to vote enough.

    Also the other elections are pressing, especially Governor. It seems like that no matter what the turnout ends up being, things will not be good. If Henry (or Richardson) wins, then the odds are that they will suceed in getting the lottery on the ballot and probably approve by the people. And if this happens, then thousands of lives will be ruined, just like they are right now at the Indian casinos.

    At the same time, if Largent wins, then nothing will change in state government. Largent wil undoubtably shoot off his mouth like ol’ Keating did, and will do everything he can to privatize “common education” (as he likes to call it). He will also see to it that rural schools are closed down, resulting in the destruction of rural communites across the state.

    All in all, things don’t look good and I can’t help but be in a sour mood a little bit. — Oh, well, as long as Mondale wins in Minnesota I won’t jump off a bridge or anything.