Law School Update:

    Today I officially start the outlining process. (Can’t you feel the enthusiasm…hehehe) Anyway, enjoyable or not, it has to be done. So here’s my battle plan. . .

  • Torts – This one I’m not as sure about yet, but for now I’m going to go back over my course notes and bookbriefing to pick out main rules and flowchart the puppy.
  • Contracts – Right now I’m going through the Second Restatement on Contracts, and then will construct an outline using it as my guide.
  • Civ Pro – Outlining using key concepts, Fed Rules of Civ Pro, and flow charting.
  • Legal Anaylsis – sheesh, I have no idea how to prepare in there.
  • LR&W – Blue book exam which I need to tab my blue book for, and then one last big research memo/take-home exam kind of thing.