Law School Update:

    Well I got my first grades back this week. In LR&W I got a C on my legal research exam (really a take home assignment). Given the fact that I procrastinated on this, I was ok with the grade, but I hope I can improve some in there. I really do hate the Blue Book citation garbage though. I know it is good to do things the standard way and all, but it is so silly to me how anal the blue book is about things (esp since even West Law doesn’t do these cites right in their Regional Reporters).

    The other grade I got was much better. It was in Legal Analysis for a legal memo which earned me a B (adjusted to a B- for lateness). I was very pleased with the grade and am excited in that I think I could be within striking distance of an A- on the next one if I work harder on doing more throrough analysis. L-school is so wierd though. I don’t think I have ever been so exited to get a B (well except maybe for NT Greek which I had a horrible time passing), but with the curve here anything over a C is above average.