Day: November 8, 2002

Amazingly enough, the makers of my Grandpa’s favorite brand of overalls Round House now have a website. I didn’t know […]

Random: For an intersesting look at the world’s best bib-style overall, check out my latest post at The Pine Ridge […]

Here’s more resources on the Great Pine Ridge Earth Quake (on the Meers Fault). Here’s another story that mentions the […]

Shameless Self Promotion I’m proud to announce that JMBzine has hit a milestone. . . Woohoo!!! Thanks to all of […]

Law: Law students and Oklahoma History buffs should check out the latest issue (vol. 27, number 1) of the Oklahoma […]

Music: Tonight I’m digging on red dirt/Texana music (whatever the heck you wanna call it…it’s real country music that folks […]

Politics and Policy: Big news in Oklahoma! It looks like the Gamecock breeders have received a reprieve!!! is reporting […]

Social Justice: I’m beginning to think that student workers (especially work study, whether it is undergraduate or graduate student workers) […]