I went ahead and picked the last of my tomotoes and peppers. The tomatoes were all nice and big (had maybe 10-12) but they were very green still. I went ahead and picked them though as they won’t ripen on the vine now that it is colder. I think what I am going to do is to wrap them in newspaper (a trick my aunt told my Mom about it) and see if that will work to ripen them up.

    I also placed my order today for one pound Texas bluebonnet seed from Wildseed Farms of Fredericksburg, TX. I’m planning on planting a bunch down at the farm at Pine Ridge and also some in my garden in Newcastle. At the Newcastle garden I’m going to try and see if I can have any luck with growing them in a raised bed. If it works, it’ll be cool. My guess is that they’ll do well in a raised bed as Bluebonnets like well drained soil.