I found the missing cable to my cheapo digital camera, so I can now post the pics I’ve taken lately. . .(click on the pic below to pull up a larger version of the photo)

    The 7-Eleven where I buy my coffee every morning on NW 23rd (btw, 7-Eleven coffee beats Starbucks any day of the week! It tastes much better and it is much cheaper (only 64 cents to refill my thermos)

    The Oklahoma City University Admin. Bldg.

    another view of the Admin. Bldg.

    View from near campus of the The Oklahoma State Capitol (with the new dome on it) in the distance

    The Gold Star Building (aka OCU Law School Library) where I spend most of my time

    Shot #2 – Gold Star Building

    Shot #3 – Gold Star Building

    Shot #4 – Gold Star Building

    This shot was from around sunrise on the way to school

    Sunrise shot #2

    The Sarkeys Building (the main OCU Law building)

    My Lego collection (very bad shot, I’ll have to take a better pic later)