Reading the news makes me want to give up all hope in civilization. I’m not even going to comment on John Ashcroft’s latest offense. I keep wanting to imagine he doesn’t exist, but he’ll still be there wrecking our democracy and freedom step by step. And folks, the new “Homeland Security” bill is a joke. Read it carefully and you’ll realize it provides an open door to the establishment of a police state governed by fear exerted by the new agency of Homeland Defense. Someday our grandchildren (assuming we live to live conceive their parents) will look back on these days with horror that we as society let this happen.

    But even in time of dark bleakness, God is here. Don’t ask me how, but He is. I can’t give up on Him.

    So, I’ve decided I’m getting up this morning for the Leonids meteor shower. (peak time is 4:30 a.m. CST) Maybe I’ll make it to class tomorrow morning, maybe I won’t, but right now in these times of utter bleakness that it would be shame to miss this event in God’s creation.