• MSNBC: Atkins beats lowfat fare

  • Talking about the Atkin’s diet and diet in general, I have had a good bit of luck with my own modified form of the Atkin’s diet. What I have been doing for the last few weeks is to substitue whole grain carbs for refined carbs and sugars (white flour, white sugar, etc.) and to try to eat as much fiber as possible (mostly big salads for lunch, but also lots of beans and whole grain rye crackers). Other than the salad for lunch, I mostly eat as I would normally for my other meals.

    Thus far, I’ve had good results from it. I have lost some weight but nothing terribly dramatic (maybe a pound a week), but more importantly I feel better and have better energy.

    As to the Atkin’s diet unmodified, my main concern with it is the strain on the liver and kidneys. Meat is very good in your diet but it is more difficult to digest than most other foods. I would think that this would be hard on your system to eat it out of proportion of other foods over the long run.