L-school update:

    Things are getting freaky now. Time keeps slipping away from me like sand through my fingers. Torts outline was supposed to be done on Monday (my self-imposed deadline to try to get things done in a semi-timely fashion) but it it’s now Wed night and it is still not done. I am very scared by how much I am having to reread and try to sythesize. There were just some days that my brain must have not been in gear, especially on Proximate Cause. It is such a huge area of Torts but my notes are so brief. Sheesh! I can now see how folks freak out around finals time. Heck, I am freaking out… ok, take a deep breath, in out in out…

    ok, I won’t freak out, but I definitely am concerned. It is somewhat of a tactical decision. The probem is that if I put the torts outline down to work on the stupid LR&W paper, then I will fall further behind schedule on outlining and possibly hurt my performance where I could possibly make the best grades (the substantive law classes are all graded based on one big final, plus possibly one point for class participation). Yet, if I don’t get on LR&W fast then I could bomb it. At this point, unless I totally ace it, I won’t do better than C+, but at the same time I really need to get at least a C.

    Anyway, that’s what is happening here. No more blogging for now. Back to outlining…

    I should add mostly what I hate about L-school right now is only thinking about the law. My friends along with anyone who read this blog knows I have many interests. Having to spend so much of much of my energy on one subject (even an interesting one like law) is maddening. — I know once this finals garbage passes I’ll feel differently, but right now I keep thinking I should just quit L-school and go to Art School, or maybe just be a farmer.

    Hahahaha, this is where my mind leaves my body and go completely insane!!!! HAHAHAHA

    Ok, enough goofyness. It does help to at least say a bit of what is on my mind. For real now, back to Torts. Yippee!