Made a minor change in my HTML template code today. Instead of using style sheets and the “span” tag to define my “headlines” I’m using the very old but handy “h1” tag with stylesheets. No one but html junkies will care, but it makes me nostalgic for the old days using “h1” again in HTML. Or maybe I’m just wierd and nutty from studying too much law.

    In fact this afternoon, I had a glorious 10 minutes that I should share. Class got out early for Legal Analysis (wonders never cease!) so I went out on the Quadrangle and just lay on the grass for a few minutes. The sky was so blue, and while it was too windy the warm sun did feel good on my skin. Best of all the Bald Cypress trees were the most beautiful gleaming copper color. Now I’m back at the computer lab (bleh!) procrastinating for a few minutes from studying.