Law School Update:

    Mad crazy busyness has kept me from blogging or replying to emails but don’t think I’ve forgot y’all. I’ll post more as my time frees up, if for no other reason that the stress relief of self expression.

    Good news is I finished the LR&W paper from the hot fires of Hades yesterday. It was quite a struggle to get that puppy done (I was in the library until it closed Sunday night at midnight, then went over the Grunge/bikers’ 24-7 greasy spoon on old Route 66 (NW 36th?) called Ashley’s. I stayed there until 3:30, then drove home to sleep until 7:45, then back to the OCU, went to Torts class since it was the last one but then skipped Contracts after that so I could work on my paper some more. I finally got finished with rewriting it right before it was due at 1:30 p.m. — Actually the paper went better than I expected. I don’t think it wil pull me away from a C in the class, but maybe it will at least save me from a D.

    Now all I have left to do before finals is one short exercise for Legal Analysis. It will be nice to get all of the busy work out of the way, but that will still leave the overpowering onslaught of outlining and finals prep. Hahaha, and Thanksgiving is somewhere in there!

    Well on to happier subjects, musically my listening keeps weaving between emotional music like Belle & Sebastian, The Magnetic Fields and The Decemberists and loud music like Finch (free mp3s at and Guardian (the so-called “Led Zeplin of Christian Rock” – I gotta give these guys props though. They have probably 200 songs for FREE Stinking mp3 download at I really do dig them, especially their Rock en espanol.