Notes about sausage making

    Two things I want to note concerning how this blog is written…

  • First, except on rare occasions when I have extra time to kill, this blog is not edited for grammar and spelling. I generally write these posts directly into the Blogger program without pasting them into Word to spell check or anything like that. It would probably would be a good idea to run spellcheck, but I don’t do it because I often post from public internet terminals w/o Word. Also, doing so would slow the posting process down, hence there would be less content here.

    If my unedited spelling, grammar, etc drives you nuts, I understand. There are plenty of other blogs out there that are more carefully written (the Law student blogs on the left side of this page are worth checking out), but I do want to give this disclaimer so you wouldn’t think I’m incoherent and lack the ability to write in well-crafted complete sentences. (Ok, I do lack that ability at times 😉

  • Secondly, I am prone to being too emotional lately, especially with regards to politics.

    If I have offended you by what I have said, please accept my apology.

    It is hard for folks like myself (likely too idealistic for our own good) who care deeply about certain things to not get too emotionally involved. Then when things go bad in some way, we tend too lash out at the folks we see as the enemies of those causes.

    When I behave that way, I end up alienating folks I would want to persuade, but more importantly I get bitter, and that bitterness is not good for me and eats at my soul like acid.

    President Bush is not the problem. I disagree with most of what he advocates, but really that is not the real issue. If I allow that anger at those actions to make me be bitter towards him, then I am the real problem. Outrage at evil can be good, but not if it is directed against people, who as human are both good and bad, and have the image of God mixed with the corruption of evil… just like I have that image and the corruption mixed inside of me. What I should have been doing was writing diatribes against the evil inside my own heart, instead of attacking Bush or those Americans who didn’t vote the way I wanted them to.

    I am still learning (and not doing a very good job of it) to not dehumanize my opponents in the social/political arena. I know that I need to learn how to see the good in everybody and to learn from it, even when other things those same folks might say or do.