The thoughts that distract me from Civil Procedure…

    Today I’ve attempted to focus my energy on studying Civil Procedure. The game plan is to focus on Civ Pro for today and tomorrow, and then return to Torts for Sunday and Monday, before taking my Torts final on Tuesday. The time seems to be racing by. As I progress in studying, things are actually making sense but I feel like now that things are making more sense (esp in Civ Pro) I won’t have enough time to memorize all of the things I need to memorize.

    But despite the fear of fast approaching finals, I am having a horrible time staying focused. I’m trying to make myself keep studying something during my waking hours, with a few breaks to check email, talk to friends and family, watch TV or read a magazine. The problem though is being able to focus when I need to focus instead of just zoning out.

    On other thoughts, I did see a good movie late last night on tape called “A Family Thing.”

    It starred James Earl Jones and Robert Duvall, and is the story of a white man who discovers the hidden family secret, that his biological mother was black woman who was raped by his father, AND that he has a half-brother who is alive today. I won’t say more than that, but it is definitely a movie worth seeing. It’ll definitely make you think about what makes someone kin.

    Also talking about black families and culture, I saw an interesting story in the NY Times today, Jazzy Geometry, Cool Quilters which is a story about a recent NYC modern art exhibit of the work of an isolated community of Black women who quilt in Gees Bend, Alabama. These quilts are very cool and deserve the attention they are getting.