Now that I got the main outline done for Civ Pro I am facing the crazy task of trying to learn all of the relevant federal rules of civil procedure and US code sections relating to venue. Not sure how to go about it, I guess I’ll do flashcards.

    Really though tonight will be my last night on Civ Pro. My torts final is on Tuesday morning, so after church tomorrow I’m heading back to school to start my final review on Torts, and then spend Monday on Torts as well. Not exactly sure what to do, but right now I’m thinking that I will rewrite my outline (first fleshing out some of the stuff I left out) and then rewrite it again (this time trying to fit it on one page). Then I’ll do more flash cards, and then take a practice exam, and then depending on how that goes study some more.

    Then on Tuesday take the final, take a few hours after that to chill or do something fun, and then start into studying Civ Pro that evening.

    So why am I writing this instead of studying… because I can’t focus and I figure it is better to do something else for a few minutes than to keep blankly staring at my outline.

    On a more chipper note, today I’ve been listening to Robert Earl Keen, the greatest country songwriter alive. If you’ve never heard him, you need to. Songs you might try to hunt for include . . .

    • Gringo Honeymoon

    • Mariano

    • When the Bluebonnets bloom

    • The live version of The Front Porch Song

    • The Road goes on forever…

    • Merry Christmas from the family

    • Corpus Cristi Bay

    Of course the only bad thing about listening to him is I get nostalgic for being down in Austin and San Marcos on sunny day, doing absolutely nothing at all.