Winter daydreams

    Since the snow is coming in tonight (and the rain in the meantime is cold and misreable), I’ve been daydreaming some about my summer plans. Right now I’m thinking I will work for part of the summer, but for the rest I would like to learn spanish (I had 2 years of study in high school and 6 weeks or so of wandering in Mexico and Honduras different times practicing, but no other formal instruction). So, at this point I’m leaning towards heading to La Ceiba, Honduras to study for a few weeks at Central America Spanish School. The price is super-cheap and I really liked La Ceiba the time I was there last. (very laid back with beautiful tropical and mountain scenery)

    The only bummer is that airflights to Honduras are kinda expensive, so I’m leaning towards just taking buses through Mexico down there. ahhh… fun thoughts, but I had better get my mind back on Civ Pro. That final will be on Friday.