1 down, 3 to go

    3 bluebooks and 4 hour later, the Torts exam is done. Generally I am happy with how it went. Two of the big point questions went extremely well. I might be smoking crack but I think I nailed most of the issues on those (for those of you who are not Law students, the focus of L-school exams is IRAC, Issue, Rule, analysis and conclusion. The C is worth almost nothing, so the big points are in the IRA, but especially the I.), however I was much weaker on the last 2 questions (or rather series of short answer questions based on one big fact pattern) but hopefully I got some points on those (and thankfully those were fairly low point sections.). I am definitely kicking myself for not spending more time on the Oklahoma comparitive negligence cases, and on the rules of strict liability. My guess is I got a fighting shot a 300-350 points out of 400, but I guess I’ll find out in February. — btw, one tip I would have for any test takers out there. Take Advil or some other anti-inflamatory pain killer before your exam. After 4 hours of frantic writing, you’ll be glad you did.

    Now I’m chilling out for a few hours (it actually is supposed to snow this afternoon (!), but only raining right now.) and then start studying Civ Pro this evening when I’m working at the comp lab 4-8 p.m. — It’s hard to believe I’ll have that test on Friday. Total madness I say! I’m amazed that more L-students don’t go whacko during finals.