2 to go…

    Civ Pro was much better than I expected. Creel’s practice exams were horribly difficult but the actual test was a piece of cake .The first two questions (both 100 pointers) weren’t bad at all (one was on personal jurisdiction, the other was on federal subject matter-diversity jurisdiction), but the third one (50 pointer) I think I missed some on because it was a Goldlawr transfer. I got the write USC sections to talk about 1406, but I should have talked Goldlawr. Anyway it is done. I think I definitely will get my C, but who knows beyond that.

    Not much left to study for. Legal Analysis is on Monday but not much to prepare for it (we have a case packet that we bring with us that gives us the rule of law, so I need to annotate that) but then the biggie in Contracts on Friday (week from today).

    Today though I’m going to chill out for awhile before jumping into Contracts outlining. Hopefully will get a good dent on my outline this evening though.