Another day of futility

    (Typo was corrected from “women enslaved in Iraq” to “women enslaved in Saudi Arabia” – 12:21 p.m. Dec. 9 ,2002)

    Today I’ve blown off studying. I’ll probably start back tonight but I’m too upset, angry, etc. to have much cognisent thought about Contracts law right now. Part of it is some problems that a friend is going through which I won’t talk about here, except to say that it is hard watching a friend go a bad direction when you know there is nothing that can be done to stop it if the friend doesn’t want to do anything differently…

    Beyond that, the few minutes I read of the newspapers today makes me want to jam an icepick through my eyeball (not really… I’m too much of a chicken to hurt myself, but that’s how I feel). I’m trying to not get angry at the people involved but the world situation seems so bad right now and everyone is hell bent on WAR WAR WAR! Well I’m not buying it. It’s garbage and I’m not alone in seeing this. This war is not about freedom and it’s not about security. If those were the real concerns then we bombing Saudi Arabia right now. But no… the Saudi regime is good friends with the American regime and sells the US boatloads of oil. So they are a-ok even though they are the world’s most represive government. (The people of Cuba and Iraq have 1000% more freedom than the women enslaved in Saudi Arabia.)

    So, I decided today to just goof off. I haven’t studied one whit (I might later, but I doubt it) and have been playing instead with the layout of this page and reading all of the blogs I haven’t had time to read in awhile. I’ll study tomorrow.

    One thing I do know. After all of these stupid finals are over, I want to do whatever I can to oppose this ignorant war effort, especially in educating young people on the dangers of military service. If you live in the OKC area and feel the same as I do, please email me as I would like to work with some other liked-mind folks in this.