News from Italy

    I got this email from Tim Burger, Oklahoma’s best artist in my book from his travels in Italy. I’m posting here for any of his friends/fans who didn’t get it…

      Hello all….

      I’ll spare you the italian, since I don’t know enough anyway, that should prove to be easy.

      Just thought I’d drop a quick note to let everyone know I’m doing just peachy. I’ve found a new love here…..espresso. Talk about strong coffee…..I’m now growing a nice patch of hair on my gums. It’s my new vitamin C….

      Anyrate, got lots to do today…..gonna be cutting my trip short, though. The hostel I’m staying at kinda worked a con job over on me, so I can’t really afford to stay much longer. I’m not sure if it was a con, but they jacked the rent up on me. If it wasn’t such a nice location, and I knew more Italian, I would have found another place to stay. Anyhow, I’m coming back on the 27th of this month….that gives me over 3 weeks here….I’m happy with that. Sound apethetic? yeah….

      Someone please tell grandma I’m doing fine…