The sky is dark…

    (Written early afternoon, Wednesday Dec. 11, 2002 but posted later)

    The sky over Oklahoma City today has been gloomy with thick layers of dark gray clouds. It feels like I’m a million miles away from the blue skies of sunny San Marcos, but it’s probably dark there too. The whole world is dark.

    I’ve been avoiding the media after I read that last report on Bush’s plans for war, but the media won’t leave me alone. When I was walking in a place for lunch I saw the headline on the USA Today in the machine that said… “US plans to use landmines in Iraq.” (Or something to that effect, I don’t remember the exact words)

    WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON HERE?! In one day we announce that we are prepared to use the most evil invention of man (or rather by the devil… Satan had to be the mastermind of it)… the atom bomb, but that’s not enough for America….

    No the US can’t rest on announcing just one evil plan… now we’re talking landmines.

    Thousands of people are killed and maimed every year by the remaining landmines that are in the world. People who are completely inouccent of any involvement in a war that may have ended years ago are the daily victims of these devices of evil. Even little children have arms, legs blown off, eyes lost, and innoucence lost by these things. Bilions of dollars are needed (and not being spent by the rich nations of this world) to clear old landmines…. yet the US plans to use more of them!?

    Don’t even bother to argue just war with me, that Saddam is so bad that we have to go to war. The Bush administration has lost every shred of possible credibility in my book with these recent announcements. War is bad enough (My conscience says it is always wrong, but I know most won’t agree with me there.) but to wage in some a vile manner against non-combatants is sick and wrong. There is NO moral argument for this.

    As someone who loves my country very much, I am very ashamed of what my government is planning to do. It is because I love my country that I expect more of her than this.