Random links of interest…

    Sorry for the lack of consise narrative. I’ll post better stuff after the holidays…

  • Slate: Thou shall not post – The ever continuing saga of the American judiciary’s struggle over the tension between the establishment and free exercise clauses of the First Amendment.
  • From the Bankruptcy Attorneys roundtable discussion list:
      Outgoing White House Legislative Affairs Director Nicholas Calio will become chief lobbyist for Citigroup, the company said today. Calio announced Tuesday that he is resigning his White House post. Also departing President Bush’s legislative affairs shop is Calio’s most senior deputy, Jack Howard. Howard, who submitted his resignation to Bush Tuesday, is reviewing private offers. Meanwhile, the talk among GOP strategists is that either Ziad Ojakli, who heads up White House lobbying in the Senate, or David Hobbs, the president’s lead lobbyist in the House, will replace Calio. Calio’s move to Citigroup marks his debut heading up a single corporation’s lobbying operation. Calio in 1993 founded his own firm, O’Brien-Calio, and has previously served with the Duberstein Group and the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors. He joins Citigroup as senior vice president, global government affairs at the end of January.
  • CS Monitor: The rise of ‘synthespians’ — Will Gollum win an oscar? I hope so.
  • AP: Lott Resigns As Senate Republican Leader effective Jan. 6 — A good move by Lott, but I wish he had resigned his Senate seat too 😉
  • Apple.com: Trailer Gods and Generals a Civil War movie by the director of Gettysburg — I really want to see this. I loved Gettysburg. If this movie is of the same calliber it will be worthwhile.