Post-Christmas Thoughts and links

    Christmas has come and gone and it was good. Good times with family and church, and lots of good time relaxing (more than I anticipated which was nice).

    Now, it is back to real life but thankfully the law office has been pretty quiet. I think most of the clients assume we are closed for the holidays, which I do not mind them thinking 😉 since it is allowing me to tackle some office cleaning/reorganization projects that I’ve wanted to do for some time.

    As to the rest of this week, I’ll be at the office tomorrow and maybe a little bit Saturday. Then preaching on Sunday, and then off to the farm for a week of painting and country living with Tim and whoever else comes out to visit.

    Since it is long distance I probably won’t get to post more than once or twice during the week out there from my laptop, but when I get back get ready for a deluge of posts and hopefully some pictures of what I painted during the week.

    Ok, here are some links I found of interest today…

  •’s compendium of all things middle earth (coverage of both the book and movies of the LOTR) which includes the best review I’ve read yet of the Two Towers
  • Myway/AP: Ex-Computer Hacker (Kevin Mitnick) Granted Radio License
  • CBSNews/AP: Comic Book First — Gay Gunslinger — This bothers me a little. Not so much that it is a gay character (which is not terribly noteworthy by the way… there have been many gay comic characters before this) but rather that they are so radically changing an existing character. It is one thing to make subtle inside jokes playing on the old story line, it is another to have the “Kid” come out of the closet. I really think they should have given more thought to the book’s original readership. My take on the classic Rawhide Kid (I think I’ve read one or two of the older books) was that he was shy around girls, as are many young men. That does not make him gay though. This smacks of comic book historic revisionism to me.
  • MSNBC:Retraining the brain for New Year’s — How to make sure you keep resolutions once and for all This article raises some interesting questions but gives few answers. The story seems to indicate that changing brain patterns is possible but doesn’t give the nitty gritty how you do it.
  • The Sussex Mummers Carol
      When righteous Joseph wedded was, Unto a virgin maid,

      A glorious angel from heaven came,

      Unto that virgin maid, Unto that virgin maid.

      O mortal man remember well, When Christ our lord was born,

      He was crucified betwixt two theives and crown’ed with the thorn,

      And crown’ed with the thorn.

      O mortal man remember well, When Christ died on the rood,

      Twas for our sins and wicked ways, Christ shed his precious blood,

      Christ shed his precious blood.

      O mortal man remember well, When Christ was wrapped in clay,

      He was taken to a sepulcre, where no man ever lay,

      Where no man ever lay.

      God bless the mistress of this house,

      With gold all round her breast,

      Where e’er her body sleeps or wakes,

      Lord send her soul to rest.

      God bless the master of this house,

      With happiness beside,

      Where e’er his body rides or walks,

      Lord Jesus be his guide.

      God bless your house, your children too,

      Your cattle and your store,

      The Lord increase you day by day,

      And give you more and more.

    Thanks to Robert Waldrup for sending me that via email.

  • Rumor has it that will give folks with less than perfect banking records the possibility of opening a checking account. If you in the past have been turned down for banking services, it might be worthwhile to check them out.
  • If you are interested in pursuing theological education but can’t afford it, check out Nations University, a non-accredited International University in the Bible sponsored by the Churches of Christ. Their website design is very dated (mid 1990’s) but otherwise is worth checking out. Perusing their catalog and course offerings I am very impressed. They offer certificate, Bachelor’s, and a M.R.S. (Masters in Religious Studies) degrees to students in many countries. — I am actually thinking about enrolling a graduate course with them to help me continue my education (and to help me maintain some level of sanity during Law School… I love law school but I think it will help to study something else.). If I do, I’ll let you all know if it was worthwhile or not.