Local items of interest

  • Oklahoma Food Retail Cooperative – a discussion list for persons interested in organizing retail cooperatives in Oklahoma that specialize in providing Oklahoma grown and processed foods to consumers.
  • NewsOK: States seek share of Internet sales tax – IF the costs and paperwork of implementing such a tax can be reduced for the business owner, I am leaning toward this kind of proposal. State and local governements are beginning to suffer from this cut in their revenue.

  • NCAA Press release: Oklahoma Panhandle State University placed on five years probation

    I’m not a big sports fan but this press release is interesting and illustrates the unfair setup of college athletics. College athletes generated millions of dollars for their schools and for the NCAA but get peanuts in return. Read this report and you will see that P.S.U. is being punished for very small things for the most part. Playing ineligble players is a more serious offense, but giving players transportation to a Lake in Texas and then letting them use someone’s boat? Come on! This is absurd.

    I personally think college athletic should be unionized and professionalized. The atheletes are getting screwed, especially when the risk of injury is so high (and the college’s so often do not take care of the long-term medical expenses incurred by these injuries.)

    Considering the incredible committment that is now required out of student atheletes (an acquaintance and former college athelete told me that he received the equivelent of 80 cents per hour in college scholarships, in exchange for the practices and other required time commitments of being a student athlete), it is a rip-off. I think student atheletes should be paid a competive and reasonable salary on top of their college education, or at least be guarrantteed that their potential medical expenses will be covered.