Sherman was right. War is hell.

    Based on the rumors and leaks that are now surfacing in the media, it looks like war will be coming to Iraq possibly as early as late January. When the shooting starts, you can count on the military propagandists to show pictures of “smart” bombs precisely hitting their targets and hotshot pilots telling how that bombing Iraq from 20,000 feet is like playing a video game back home.

    The real pictures of Iraq should be seen so that Americans will know who their military is killing. If you support this war, then you owe it to yourself to look at Austin Chronicle: Faces of the Enemy — A photo essay by Alan Pogue. These pictures have been published on Pogue’s site before this, but the commentary in the Austin Chronicle photo essay is new. Here is excerpt that is so tragic…

      The Amariya Shelter in Baghdad was bombed by the U.S. in 1991. After more than 400 people were killed, most of them children, the U.S. claimed that the shelter was really used for military purposes. However, Reuters, the British news service, reported that the building was never used for anything other than a civilian bomb shelter. All of the neighborhood children were in the shelter because their parents believed it was the safest place. There were also some teachers, cooks, and a clown or two to entertain the children. Two precision-guided “bunker buster” bombs penetrated the 6-foot thick ceiling, exploded inside, and incinerated the children and adults. Photographs of the children now line the walls.
  • Washington Post: Bush Urged to Limit Weapons in Iraq — Human Rights Groups Warn of Harm to Civilians From Land Mines, Cluster Bombs
  • I saw the 30th anniversary reunion for the classic TV show M.A.S.H. tonight. I forgot how good that show was and what a powerful anti-war message it delivered. I wish there were more shows like it.

    Talking about M.A.S.H., here is a good fan site from the UK: