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July 2002

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July 30, 2002

1:46 pm


This week I've started reading ahead in my Torts casebook. The cases are humerous at times, but the it is going to take me awhile to learn all of the legalese.

Legal News

One bit of good news has come out this week... the bankrtuptcy "reform" bill has been delayed again. Thank God! --- I am still amazed though that corporate America would try to push for this when they have been in so much hot water this week.

Yahoo: Malpractice Insurance doesn't cover spanking - This story sounds like it came out of the Onion, but it's really true.

July 26, 2002

4:43 pm

Blogs about Law

Here are some interesting blogs I came across today...

4:41 pm


Of all of the guides to law school I have found, the most helpful is Understanding Law School, a 3-part essay by Kenneth W. Graham, Jr. (Professor of Law at UCLA). He has his bias (he authors course outlines) but overall his advise makes more sense than the overly-complicated brief/outlining schemes I have come across elsewhere.

4:34 pm

Well enrollment went smoothly this week. (If any of my fellow One-L's have found this site, they will let you enroll before August 12th if you turn in your work statement.) I'll be in section One, taking these classes...

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