3 days till classes start

    My break is slipping away so fast and for all practical purposes is almost gone. Oh well that is life, I guess I need to get myself mentally prepared for it… there are times I love L-school and times I hate it. Right now I hate it, but I’m sure I’ll change my mind in a few days. If nothing else having access to high-speed broadband internet again almost makes it worth it to go back to school

    Here are today’s links of interest…

  • NY Times: US is completing plan to promote a democratic Iraq
      While publicly saying Iraqi oil would remain what one senior official calls “the patrimony of the Iraqi people,” the administration is debating how to protect oil fields during the conflict and how an occupied Iraq would be represented in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, if at all.

    Notice the “plan” is careful to protect oil fields during the conflict but has no plans on how to protect the civilian populations of Iraq. The reality is that likely hundreds of thousands will die. I find it revolting that Washington is so concerned with protecting the source of our selfish American way of life: OIL while virtually ignoring the catastrophic human cost at stake.

  • Newsweek/MSNBC: The End of the Double Game — Did the Prophet Muhammad ban women from sports? A NEWSWEEK columnist finds odd answers in Saudi Arabia
  • Christian Classics Etheral Library – an amazing collection of the public domain Christian writings ranging from the Early Church Fathers to the Reformers. Thanks to Nations University for this link.
  • A reader sent me a link to this collection of grisly images of aborted fetuses published by Priests for Life. I do not recommend you seeing them unless you are prepared for it, but I do recommend it if you have not seriously wrestled with the question of abortion. For myself, when I see these images, I can’t help but see my little brothers (twins, aged 3) and how they looked when they were born premature. I shudder that we as a society have become deadened so that you can accept this kind of barbarity.

    I sometimes wish that I could just go along with the pro-choice arguments sometimes. Life would be much easier that way… most protestant pro-lifers drive me up the wall with their support for the death penalty and war… at least progressive Catholics are more consistent on non-violent beliefs.

  • Reuters Health: Protesting may be good for your health