A random assortment of links

    I should be reading cases for the start of socratic torture tomorrow (first day of L-school classes for the spring) but I’d rather procrasinate. So here’s some stuff that I found interesting…

  • Safari- a new web browser for Mac OS X — This looks very good. I wish they had this for PC’s.
  • The Guardian: Jesus ‘healed using cannabis’ — An interesting article but one that misses the point. Jesus healed by the power of the Holy Spirit if you would bother to read the gospel accounts. Certainly there were some people who were annointed with oil (a common religious practice of the times) but there is nothing to indicate in the accounts that the oil itself had any mystical powers, and in fact in most of the healings of the New Testament there was no oil annointing mentioned.
  • The Camelot Project a project “to make available in electronic format a database of Arthurian texts, images, bibliographies, and basic information”
  • NY Times: Hot new marketing concept — Mall as memory lane
  • NY Times: Ex-aide to Mao urges China to move toward democracy
  • NY times: Programmer cleared of DVD Piracy, in blow to Hollywood
  • The Village Voice: How to beat a polygraph test
  • Second-class — a pop-punk-rock bank from Austin (free mp3s here)
  • NY Times: From Russia, with country in their hearts
      . . . Around Nashville, the seven musicians in the band Bering Strait are known as “the Russian kids.” After four years of struggle and broken record deals, the kids, now in their early 20’s, are on the cusp of doing something none of their countrymen have ever done: make it on Music Row.

      Bering Strait’s cross-cultural blend of pop rock (reminiscent of the Pretenders and 10,000 Maniacs) and classic country is beginning to catch on, and not only in Nashville. At a dressy charity benefit held at the gilded residence of the Russian ambassador in Washington in late November, four members of the band performed before a cheering audience full of Embassy Row grandees more accustomed to the dulcet strains of Tchaikovsky.

      The group’s first album, “Bering Strait,” will be released on Jan. 14 by Universal South, a relatively new and hot country label, a division of Universal Records. . .