Thanks go out to these blogs for linking to my old term paper The Blogging Phenomenon — An Overview and Theoretical Consideration .

  • OL Daily says: . . . A nice paper outlining the history of blogging and clearly sketching the movement’s defining features. The second part of the paper, though, is a lot more original as the author surveys several theories of mass communication as they relate to weblogs: agenda setting, multi-step flow theories, gate keeping and the spiral of silence. No doubt purists will quibble at some of the descriptions, but ignore them.
  • Sebeastian Fielder of the Cognitive Architects
  • Penguinista
  • Schockwellenreiter says: [Weblog-Artikel:] James M. Branum schreibt in seinen Artikel über das Blogging Phänomen: »It does appear that blogging is reshaping the way we look at journalism and holds the potential of unlocking the previously unrealized promises of egalitarian online publishing opportunities.« Na, haben wir das nicht alle geahnt?
  • Doc Searls – the first to link to the paper
  • Last isn’t a blog, but it is a ranking of things linked by blogs. So far the paper is #273 on Blogdex when I last checked it.