I’ve been asked three times today from classsmates if I have received any of my grades yet…. hehehe what is funny is I wouldn’t know if my profs had turned in one of my grades because I am behind a tuition payment and have one of those “grade holds” where they won’t give you your grades until you pay up. So, I am happily at the present moment ignorant about my grades.

    I do want to know what my grades are eventually (I don’t think I could pull what that guy did in the Paper Chase when he threw his report card in the ocean). I just don’t know how I feel about sharing the results with my classmates. If I do end up doing well, then likely the other person will feel bad, and if I did badly (the more likely possibility) they’ll think I’m a dumb***… and if I refuse to tell them, then they’ll start thinking I’m anti-social or worse the guy who broke the curve.

    Either way seems bad to me, so at the presesnt moment I’m thankful for the excuse of a grade hold.

    But since you are my internet audience (and I think few if any of my classmates will ever see this), I expect to make a D in LR&W, a C of some variety in Civ Pro, and anything from a C- to an A- in Contracts, Legal Analysis, and Torts (It’ll all depend on the curve.) And I am satisfied with that, as long as I get at least a couple of grades above C.

    On another subject, a couple of my classmates showed up to the 9 a.m. class today pretty well schnockered. I am surprised they even made to class, but I have to say maybe they had the right idea. It would have to be an improvement over socratic torture when sober. 😉