Day One

    Law school has started back up again. First day’s classes (Property and Contracts II) both went well. I am going to try to intelligently participate more in class discussions this year, if for no other reason than to have a better chance of getting the “class participation” bump in the final grade.

    Weather here in OKC has been goregous today. Likely close to 70 would be my guess. It was quite nice to sit out on the Quadrangle (I think that is what they call it here) and do my reading for Crim Law’s first meeting tomorrow. — Which remind me… the reading thus far is interesting but my oh my is a mindful. I did not realize how difficult theories of punishment are to parse and understand. At this point I have no idea where I stand and thus far the main options (retributivism and utilitarianism) are insufficient. Hopefully class tomorrow will help me to understand this more clearly. (Interestingly the casebook actually quotes C.S. Lewis a good bit.)