War vs. Liberty

  • MSNBC: North Korea pulls out of nuclear pact
  • Military.com/AP: All Marines Must Remain On Duty
      Preparing for possible war against Iraq, the Marine Corps has taken the unusual step of stopping all Marines from leaving the service for the coming 12 months, officials said Thursday. . .

    Remember when you join the military you sell your life to Uncle Sam. Even if you sign on the dotted line for X number of years, it doesn’t really matter. They can keep you longer if they want. You will be bound to the letter of the law on your commitment to them but they are free to bend and break their commitment to you as they see fit.

  • MSNBC/Washington Post: INS registration stirs panic, concern — Some Muslim foreign nationals risk arrest to meet deadline
      One man, a Moroccan living in Arlington who asked that his name be withheld, said in an interview that he had put off registering for nearly two weeks.

      “Every day I’d say, ‘I’ll go today,’ and every day I was too scared,” said the 34-year-old man, who arrived on a tourist visa with his wife four years ago and has two U.S.-born daughters.

      He said a local restaurant that wants to hire him as a chef sponsored him for a green card two years ago. But because that application is pending, and because his tourist visa has long expired, the man knew that he risked deportation if he registered.

      After arriving for his interview Tuesday morning, the man said he was handcuffed, placed in leg irons and taken to the Stafford County Jail. He was released Wednesday night and faces a hearing on his future.

      “I couldn’t believe it was happening,” the man said. “It was like being in a terrible dream. . . . My youngest daughter was born only a month and a half ago, and my wife doesn’t speak good English. If something happened . . . who was going to help them?”

    What kind of life will his daughter have? (I should add this daughter is an American citizen since she was born here.) Why is it that this man will be punished because he decided to do the right thing and register?