Powell shows true colors, wants war at any cost

  • MSNBC: U.S. says ‘smoking gun’ not needed — Administration puts emphasis on cooperation, not discovery of evidence in Iraqa
      Secretary of State Colin Powell told NBC News that a “smoking gun” wasn’t necessary, while White House spokesman Ari Fleischer asserted that United States knows “for a fact” that Baghdad has produced weapons of mass destruction. . .

    Why isn’t a smoking gun neccesary, and if the US “knows for a fact” that Baghdad has weapons of mass destruction then where is the proof?

    Let’s cut the B.S. and tell it like it is. Either there is solid proof of weapons of mass destruction (the “smoking gun”) or not. If there are such weapons, then the UN needs to be apprised of that fact, and then the UN must assess the seriousness of the situation and take appropriate action based on the situation. (Mere possession of chemical weapons is not enough if Iraq does not possess the capabilities to use those weapons, such as a missle with a chemical warhead.)

    IF however there is no solid evidence (which to me is the most likely possibility), then this “hunt for weapons of mass destruction” is a big joke, and the war is really about oil and getting Dubya reelected.

    In my mind though, the only way to prove that this war isn’t about oil and politics is show the proof. Put it on the table. Until I see it, I am forced to make the obvious conclusion about this war and this administration.