Today has been a nice day for the most part. Most of it I spent doing a bit of housecleaning, but also spent a quite bit of time rebuilding my Lego city (I’ll post pictures later… it is very cool. Most of the city is now a giant building built to be a little like the Prancing Pony inn in Bree (from Lord of the Rings), but I’ve also added mini-parking garage as my city has way to many cars and not enough places for them to park.) — The real reason though I decided to rebuild the city was because it was sprawled out over one desk (4’x2-1/2′ I guess) and I needed some of that space to start growing seedlings for my spring garden under flourescent lights. I’ve also been watching the DVD extras of The Lord of the Rings throughout the day. I really liked the cast’s commentary on the movie (they seemed to so genuinely enjoy being together and talking about the movie, and I loved Liv Tyler’s enthusiasm of her part in the movie)

    I gotta say that every penny of that DVD was worth it. I had hesitated for quite awhile to buy it (I wanted it bad but couldn’t cough up $28 for it) but yesterday the urge overtook me (hence I’ll be eating rice and beans next week hehehe). I am so amazed at what a treasure trove it is…. but I’m also still mad that Tom Bombadill wasn’t in the extended version of it. I know, I know, Peter Jackson says Bombadill’s story didn’t work to advance the plot, but I still argue he was a major role in the book given the space dedicated to him (More than was given to Arwen I might add, but I do like the movie’s expansion of her character) and Gandolph’s comments on his importance later on (in “The Return of the King.”).

    Oh well, nothing can be perfect except God, but I will say Tolkien’s work comes mighty close to being the Holy Writ and that is why it seems almost sacrilegious to leave out such an important character.

    Which reminds me… one bit of triva I found out from DVD is that LOTR was the 2nd most read book of the 20th Century, 2nd only to the Bible. That is pretty amazing.

    Talking about the Bible, this evening I’ve been working on tomorrow’s sermon for church. It’s taken from Hosea 6:1-3. I love that passage, especially the last verse of it. I really feel like that I’ll be preaching to myself more than anyone, as I need to embrace those words whole-heartedly.