Good news

  • MSNBC: Tree-sitter hauled from 400 year-old oak — BTW, take a look at the picture of that tree and compare it to that of some of the trees from LOTR. It looks to me like that the developer there in California is wanting to cut down Lothlorien and replace it with another bit of Mordor. Bravo to Quigly for taking his stand for one of God’s most beautiful of creations.
  • MSNBC: Governor clears Illinois death row, also see AP/Myway: Gov. Ryan Clears Illinois’ Death Row

    This is incredible news, and I would have to echo what others are now saying, that Governor Ryan should be considered for the Nobel Peace Prize. Ryan’s pardons/commutations have done more to stop the injustice of the death penalty than anything else other since that 1970’s Supreme Court ruling (sorry, I don’t know the cite to it).