Thoughts from Blogistan

    I found Joe Chambers’ blog from one of my favorite L-student blogs Nikkiesq. His most recent post writen from I think Missouri is rather compelling. Here are a few excerpts from it that seemed especially insightful…

      Last night I couldn’t get to sleep because I kept on hearing what I thought were B2 bombers flying over head. You see, my parents live about 10 miles from Whiteman Air Force base where 22 B2-Spirit bombers are located. They fly all the way from here to the middle-east to bomb, then head back all in one 14 hour mission. It’s freaky to think that from the middle of the U.S., the heart of America, pilots are flying across the globe to drop a couple of bombs, then return to the safest place in the world.

    It doesn’t seem real does it? Yet, the war is already taking place, with those stealth planes flying non-stop (with aerial refueling) for missions over Iraq. It seems so surgical, so remote, that pilots could be eating at Burger King in Missouri one day, the next day dropping bombs in Iraq that might hit their target or might veer off and kill innocent civilians, and then the next day the pilot is back at Burger King again.

    I don’t blame the pilot as he is just obeying orders, but I do blame our leaders that they have made death and destruction so routine, so mundane, so removed.

      The other day a boat sunk off the coast of Bermuda and the lone survivor was picked up by a U.S. Hospital boat on its way to the Gulf.

      Donald H. Rumsfeld just ordered 62,000 more troops to pack their bags for the middle-east. My Dad’s parishioner that trains the B2 bomber pilots had to be taken off the lectionary schedule because he’s doesn’t think he’ll be able to make it on Sunday’s for the next few months. My best friend Patrick, who is active, just got back from desert training. Aaron, another best friend who is in the reserves, just received his order of desert battle-dress camo. Pretty soon we’ll start seeing tanks on railroad cars painted in that oh so familiar design we saw in ’91.

      Folks, we’re going to war, and I’m pissed off! 12 years ago it scared me. Now, I am absolutely in outrage that the U.S. is doing this. Two of my best friends will be deployed. Moms will have to say goodbye to their sons and daughters and send them to the unknown. Innocent people will die, and nothing will be resolved. This is not a just war. This is ludicrous. This is painful. This is scary.

      Will I be drafted? No, probably not. Will you? No, probably not. Does this effect us? You bet it does! WE are America. NOT him. Not Bush. Not Rumsfeld. Not Washington D.C. We, Americans, make up America, and THIS is not what we want. This must be stopped. Now.

    This blog post speaks volumes as Joe’s blog isn’t a political blog. Normally he talks about just life in general, yet this situation has moved him to break the general groove of his blog and say this. This gives me so much hope, that maybe Americans are beginning to question this unjust war. I just hope and pray that our leaders will hear the voices of the growing numbers who want peace.