JMBzine Format Change

    I have decided to make yet another format change in JMBzine. The rationale behind this is that my readers (from what I can tell from email and icq messages I receive) fall into two very different groups.

    The first group is composed of folks who are interested in the random stuff of my everyday life as a Law student, part-time preacher, and lover of way too many hobbies. These folks include lots of old friends, other Law students, college students thinking about going into law and random folks who wander in to see what I’m up to.

    The second group of folks are into commenntary and links on politics and policy issues. My focus in these things is on civil liberties and issues of peace and justice in this world.

    The difficulty is that with a few exceptions, most of my readers fall clearly into one of these two camps. Group#1 folks often are not interested in and sometimes even are antagonized by my political views. Some of these folks are people whose friendship I care about deeply and I really don’t want to offend them unneccesarily, especially if they are not really looking for the politics posts but end up reading them because those posts are mixed in with the posts that they are interested in. Also, frankly I sometimes get carried away with anger towards some of the messed up things in this world. I am trying (often unsuccessfully) to channel that anger towards injustice and not the people carrying out the injustice, but I know some of my readers would rather not see that inner struggle published for the world to see.

    At the same time, Group#2 folks simply may not care about what I think about Lord of the Rings, music, or law student life, and that is totally cool. I am just tickled pink that they want to read and engage with what I have to say on political issues. (But I do caution this group, that LOTR, music, etc do influence my politics very much. If you want to understand my views on justice and peace, you might be well served to spend some time reading the non-politics stuff.)

    So, to try to serve both components of my readership better I will be spinning off my political and policy discussions and links over to a new blog*. I haven’t picked a name for it yet but want to use the words “Justice” and “Peace” somehow in it (If you have any ideas for a name, please shot them over my way.). There of course will be some overlap between the two blogs (art, music, and spirituality often have political elements, and to the extent that my personal life touches on politics, JMBzine will still hit on those things.) but for the most part anything beyond brief announcements on things political will go to the political blog.

    The new blog will probably begin in the next day or two. I’ll let y’all know as soon as it is up. Added 4:37 p.m. CST: The POLIBLOG is now online.

    * For long time readers, you might say “Didn’t you do this before?” — Yes, a few months back I tried to split this blog into 3 thematic blogs which was a horrible disaster. I think though that this spin-off will work because it will only be two blogs that will be easily updated hopefully daily.