This is the first post of the reborn Poliblog of JMBzine.

    This blog will focus on politics and policy issues, and will include links to all things political that I find interesting along with my own commentary on those stories.

    To be fair, let me say up front that this is NOT an objective news source. My goal here is to encourage my readers to think about the issues I find important and to have a dialogue with my readers (via the “comments” feature at the end of each post). Most of my readers will sometimes (or often) not agree with or even be offended by what I say. I hope though no matter what though that these postings will provoke your own thoughts and help you to see solidify your own views on the isues of substance.

    As to my own bias, I will post more on this later, but in short I see things from a Christian-Green perspective. By that I mean that I try to interpret the teachings of Jesus Christ on social justice issues as literally as possible, which means that I am opposed to violence and oppression of all forms. On economic issues, I am also inspired by the social justice teachings of scripture (in particular the concept of the “Year of Jubilee” as found in the Old Testament, and the concerns of Christ and the early church for the poor.)

    As far as partisan politics, I identify myself as being a Green, in that I believe in the 10 Key Green values. That said, my interpretation and application of those values is animated and instructed by the teachings of Christ.

    Finally, I see myself as an Agrarian, in that I believe in the teachings of Wendell Berry (and to some extent former Oklahoma Governor Alfalfa Bill Murray, and US stateman William Jennings Bryan) with regards to the preservation of rural culture and society, and the importance of community support for the community.

    That’s enough about me. Now on to the news…