Today’s misive to the Oklahoma Gazette

    Here is a copy of the letter to the editor that I sent to the Oklahoma Gazette (OKC’s alternative news weekly, similiar to The Village Voice of NYC or the Austin Chronicle):

      Dear Editor,

      I am ashamed to say today that I voted for Brad Henry. I did this despite my loathing of his lottery proposal (in my eyes, a cruel tax against the poor and desperate) because he stated during his campaign that he would support a moratorium on the death penalty.

      His actual words were, “Yes, I would support a moratorium on the death penalty. Events in Oklahoma over the past two years in which DNA has exonerated several inmates concern me greatly. I never want to see any innocent person imprisoned or put to death. I believe a moratorium is responsible action to take until we can be sure that no innocent person is sitting on death row.” (Henry’s statement can be found in the candidate questionaire found at

      Today, I read in the AP story “Henry won’t stop executions” (January 16, 2003) that he “has no plans to stop executions in Oklahoma” and that he sees no reason to end the death penalty in the state and will not second-guess judges and juries.

      It seems to me that Henry’s word is worth about as much as share of Enron stock. It is unfortunate that he has blown his credibility so early in his term of office when our state faces such a tremendous crisis.

      J.M. Branum

      – Newcastle, OK