A good day

    Today was an extremely satisfying day for me, as we had the Spiritual Walk for Peace today in downtown OKC. (More information on the walk and other information on today’s International Day of Action against the War in Iraq can be read on my seperate political blog.) We met at ??? church near the OKC National Memorial site. After a series of prayers we began our silent vigil walk around the memorial (we did not go into the memorial out of respect for the memorial and for those who may be visiting it) stopping every block or so to be led in prayer by ministers from different faith traditions (Those that I recall include Catholic, Mennonite, Methodist, Islamic, and the Native American Church).

    It was a moving experience for me, partially because of the location (being at a place where I saw the aftereffects of horrible carnage of the OKC bombing 8 years ago) but mostly because it was so good to see so many other people present united for peace. My guess at the numbers present were around 1,000 (I tried to count the crowd in rough blocks of 20), but I was later told by one of the event organizers that they estimated the crowd at 2,000.

    At a later time, I will post more accurate numbers and also hopefully some pictures from the vent.

    It was also a good day as I ran into several friends from the Green party, including two folks who are on the State Executive Committee with me. We had a great time visiting afterwards and ended up heading to Bricktown for some mexican food and to window shop at the American Indian jewelry shop.