Austin Theatre

    I received this via the Hope Arts Listserve:

      Adam & Eve: In Retrospect, by W. David O. Taylor & C. Brie Walker (Hope Arts)

      On the afternoon of preparations for Adams 500th birthday party, Eve banters with the girls about her husbands mannish ways, while in the room next door Adam sighs and joshes with the boys. Suddenly they are interrupted with the memory of their expulsion from the Garden and the dreadful moments that followed. The traumatic experience induces reflection on both the struggle and poignancy of marriage. Tickets $5.

      Sunday, January 26- 2:00pm

      Thursday, January 30- 9:15pm

      Friday, January 31- 7:00pm

      Sunday, February 2- 4:15pm

      Make reservations by calling 479-PLAY (479-7529). The very groovy Blue Theatre, 916 Springdale Road, is easy to find and just minutes from downtown! Head east on 7th Street past I-35. Once you’ve crossed Pleasant Valley, the next light is Springdale. Take a left onto Springdale and look to your left for the Goodwil sign. As soon as you cross over the railroad tracks, take a left into the complex of Goodwill warehouses and head toward the THEATRE sign at the back. Or take Airport to Springdale

      (East Austin) and turn West onto Springdale. The theatre will by on the right, behind the Goodwill.