L-school update:

    Today has been interesting thus far. When I got to school this morning I ran into a friend who asked if I had looked at my grades yet (today was the ETA for most grades to be posted). I told him, “nah, I can’t look at them because I got a grade hold for owing OCU money.”

    He replied, “well hey Ol’ (whats-his-name) here had a hold but they let him know his grades.”

    Bam, I was out of there like a gunshot heading to the registrar. (so much for my supposed zen-like resolve about not looking at my grades) As it turned out I was pleasantly surprised. One of my grades (Torts) wasn’t in yet, but the other grades were much better that I expected. My guess is that Professors Contracts and CivPro must have been hitting the bottle while grading and my test was at the bottom of the stack when they were in a better mood. The best part though was LR&W. I had expected a D in there (actually some fear that flunk it) but instead got a C!!!!!!!!!

    Now I just have to wait a few hours for Professor Torts to turn in her grades. I really do feel good about that class (I thought that was my best one) but that will probably be where I’ll be disappointed.

    On a side note, while scanning a few of my favorite L-school blogs I stumbled across Suasponte’s post on her weekend getaway. Parts of it are downright poetic with metaphors that leap off the page. My oh my, I would give my left arm to write like this.