L-school update:

    Thus far, Criminal Law is most definitely my favorite class with Contracts II running second (I like it much better this semester than I did last semester). Civ Pro II isn’t bad but I don’t look forward to going to class, and the other two Property and LR&W II are torture.

    LR&W is incredibly boring (no fault of the prof, she is super-nice… it is just hard to liven up “how to research legislative history” or the “difference between practicioner and law review citation” styles”) but tolerable as at least I can read email or something. Property on the hand is both boring and hard. I think what I find so hard about it is that it is so rules-based and abstract.

    This is really stupid really. From reading the casebook (and talking to other folks in other Property classes), Property is actually a really interesting subject with a great deal of philosophical and moral questions to deal with. Taking Property out of that context and turning it into a hyper-abstract field like Geometry is inexcusable in my book.