Sorry for my lack of posts lately. My laptop decided to act up on me (charger died), so I ended up having to get a new battery and charger

    Not much new to tell. I very much hate property but I think everyone else does too. I don’t understand why the prof has taken what should be a very interesting subject and turned into turbid mass of incomprehensible rules.

    Tomorrow is Saturday (woohoo!) which will be nice. I’ll be traveling to Holdenville, OK in the afternoon for our Oklahoma Green Party State Executive Committee meeting, and then after that to work at the OCU Law Library computer lab. I’ll likely post more then.

    One last thing, if you’re in OKC be sure and pick up a copy of the Oklahoma Gazette. They are running my letter to the editor on Governor Henry’s flip-flop on the death penalty this week and hopefully (crossing my fingers) my letter to the editor opposing the lottery next week. (I’ll post the letters to the POLIBLOG tomorrow.)