• MSNBC: Youth movement on abortion — Next generation mobilizes for Roe v. Wade anniversary
  • JustPeace.org: Bob’s Blog

    Here is an excerpt that I really dig. Bob’s views on the Republican party echo my own.

      . . . Another not so minor annoyance is the dreary bleat from the Republicans about being pro life. As I recall, this session of Congress began with the Republicans controlling both houses of congress and the Presidency. Did they move immediately to a vote on a partial birth abortion ban? No they did not. In fact, they couldn’t get around to voting on that ban in the House until the week before adjournment, when they knew they didn’t have any chance of getting it through the Senate. How conveeeeeeeeeenient. Never mind the fact that George Bush and all the Republicans in Congress haven’t managed to save the life of one unborn child in two years. Never mind the fact that while they sat around twiddling their thumbs, putting every issue in the book on the table ahead of protecting unborn children, 4,000 kids were being murdered every day. We’re still supposed to forget about the collateral damage in Afghanistan (and what is soon to come in Iraq) and vote for them because they are “pro life”. The dirty fact the Republicans don’t want us to think about is that abortion goes forward in this country to this day thanks to supreme court justices appointed by Republican presidents, and the cowardice of Republican congresspersons.

      The present crop of Republican politicians are liars who are shamelessly playing politics with the abortion issue. Pro life voters should not vote for one single Republican candidate in the coming elections. It’s not that the Democrats are any better, they obviously aren’t, but politics is about rewarding your friends and punishing your enemies, and the Republicans have proven themselves to be the enemies of unborn children. Maybe if they lost a lot of seats in Congress this time around, they will be better behaved in the future. Even if they get back control of the Senate, and keep it in the House, they will still find a way to evade a vote on a partial birth abortion ban. They did it before, they will do it again. I wouldn’t go so far as to suggest voting for any Democrats (unless they are pro life), but I certainly do not intend to vote for one single Republican in the upcoming November elections. I don’t expect to cast many votes on my ballot in November, but I will go and get one anyway, and drop it in the ballot box. I agree voting is a Christian duty, but there is no duty to vote for a candidate who is a thief and a liar and a murderer of unborn children, and if all the candidates are thieves and liars and abortionists, I think a person is more than morally justified in casting a blank ballot. Kind of a grassroots anyone can do it vote for “none of the above are acceptable.” This is especially necessary in a state like Oklahoma, where we have less democracy than they do in Russia. In fact, it’s easier to get a new party on the ballot in Russia than it is in Oklahoma. Which of course is why we generally only have two parties on our ballots. Leaders like Governor Frank Keating like it that way, can’t have too much political pluralism, you know, people might get the idea that they were in charge and the leaders were supposed to represent them.

      Speaking of Governor Frank Keating, any doubts I had about whether the bishops were corrupt or not went right out the window when they picked him, a politician who has never passed up a chance to grind the face of the poor into the dust, as the head of their new lay review panel. So I wasn’t surprised when he popped up, promoting himself to apostolic nuncio, and announcing New Doctrine: Catholics who are mad at their bishops should not go to mass, they should go to another diocese and they should also stop giving money to the church.

      Right, Oklahoma City Catholics are supposed to drive to Texas or Kansas or Arkansas to go to mass? And sure, while the President says we all have to do more to help the poor, the Republican Governor of Oklahoma calls upon Oklahoma Catholics to do less, to punish the poor because of our beef with the bishop. And to think that Call to Action wants to put laymen like Keating in charge of the hierarchy. May all the saints preserve us from the folly of our own leaders!

      Fortunately, even though our religious leaders have been corrupted by greed and gluttony, the Church remains the Church, the mystical bride of Christ, a sure and certain guide in a time of trouble. Yes, we have bishops and archbishops and even cardinals who are cafeteria Catholics and who advocate the murder of the poor as a necessary adjunct to US foreign policy. But we as lay Catholics are not responsible for their sins, we have our own, and we can deal with theirs with our own prayers and especially, our own acts of reparation. The bishop’s foolishness and wickedness calls for a response from the Catholic laity. We must do even more works of mercy, justice, peace, and environmental stewardship to heal the damages they have caused. . .