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    This quote is absolutely abhorent in its utter disregard for the hypocrisy of America’s warmongering against certain tyrants but ignorance of others. Nevertheless, I’m posting it because it pinpoints when the full-scale war will likely start.

      I am told by men who dine with generals that the war to remove Saddam Hussein will start on March 3 — the night of a new moon. It’s not an exaggeration to say that this dark evening will be one of the most fateful in our history, when America’s role changes forever and, we hope, for better. To usher in this new imperial age, Tony Blair comes to the White House to meet with President Bush — not to pass a torch, but to share one. What we used to call “The English Speaking Peoples” are joining hands to bring the Western idea of freedom to a part of the planet that, based on its sacred texts and a millennium and a half of history, distrusts the concept we hold so dear. . .

    What I found especially interesting was the author’s use of the word “Imperial Age.” He hit the nail on the head.