Ballydowse, R.I.P.

  • Today via I was able to find the old website for the now disbanded band Ballydowse. Boy, I miss that band. I’m still a little bit upset that the band disbanded without much word of what happened (I emailed their label Grrr Records of the JPUSA community and they said that yes the band is no more, but gave no details.) but more saddened by their missing voice. They were an extremely political band mixing the punk worldview with the Celtic spirit of community and the Christian ethic (at least in its ideal sense) of idealism and peace.

    Here’s hoping that the boys and girls of Ballydowse will come back again to cry out for Justice and Peace in these troubled times!

    BTW, if you’re looking for their mp3’s you can still find them at I would snag them while you can because they might get taken down.