Day: February 5, 2003

Sustainability: I received this press release today which was issued from the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry concerning […]

Thoughts on Tragedy from C.S. Lewis This homily was posted on the DemoOkie Discussion forum: I thought I’d share this […]

Oklahoma: Good news here in OkieLand. Alice Anderton, fellow Exec committee member of the Oklahoma Green Party and Executive Director […]

Copyright/copyleft Law: Perspective— The new jailbird jingle By Declan McCullagh WASHINGTON–If you’ve ever used a peer-to-peer network and swapped […]

Austin Anti-war Actions I received this from SWT’s campus Greens listserve… Hey everyone- Im encouraging you to be a part […]

Jesus and politics: Amarillo Globe News: Jesus Wouldn’t Have a Prayer Among Today’s Far Right, Op-ed by Erik V. Williams […]