Good news here in OkieLand. Alice Anderton, fellow Exec committee member of the Oklahoma Green Party and Executive Director of the Intertribal Wordpath Society has reported by email that HB 1020 the “”English Only” bill was killed by the Rules Committee of the OK House of Representatives.

    Specifically she reports that the committee chairman cited the large number of phone calls he received especially from American Indians who were opposed to this bill.

    There is the possibility that this bill will get submitted again next year so we must remain vigilant. I know for some of my readers this may seem like an inconsequential issue, but to speakers of Native languages this is a big deal and would be considered an insult if enacted.

    Also, I would argue from a public safety perspective that this bill if passed would have prohibited the giving of driver’s license tests in Spanish, which would result in a higher number of unlicensed drivers on our highways.

    Let’s hope it stays dead.